UI / UX / Design

Over 15 years of design, UX, and UI work for web, apps, products, branding, and games

With over 15 years of experience of design Shaul has created websites, ecommerce stores, learning management systems, digital products (including an online point of sale), apps, games and more. Although the variety of design has been vast from both client and internal work the experience and interface work has always been at the top of the list of most loved projects. Apps and games specifically are exciting and bring passion to the work. Putting together a prototype for a client to work out the kinks and eliminate the chaff is quite rewarding and taking complex ideas and dreams and breaking them down to a simple interface is an exciting goal to achieve.

On the flip side speaking into designs that were brought by my team and partners was equally thrilling as I was able to take already awesome work and approach it with fresh eyes and from a different angle to help drive it even closer to client or internal goals. Managing a design project through the development process is rewarding and seeing the finished product in client hands and customer hands is a great feeling.

Some of the products that I enjoyed working on included:

Other projects: