Payload Plus

Combining the a payload like mechanic from hero shooters and mixing it with other mechanics and win conditions found in arcade favorites to create a low player count multiplayer experience using the Core Game Engine and Platform.

CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT on the Core Games Platform

Combining the classic hero and 5v5 action of the payload game mode found in hero shooters like Overwatch and Paladins, Payload Plus offers more than just a single win condition. Players will have at least three ways to win similar to how Killer Queen works. Deliver the payload. Retrieve the power cores or defeat the enemy turrets and towers but do it in a FPS style shooter. Management and communication are key as players go on the offensive while managing the defense at the same time. Did I mentioned that one of the three players has an advantage during the match. Jump in. Choose a way to play and get this party started.

Follow the dev log here.

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