Must Have Air

Runner-up in Core Games Survival Game Jam in the "Changing the Game" category. Collect air cannisters and be the last one standing to secure the win.

RELEASED DECEMBER 11th, 2020 / ACTIVELY UPDATING on the Core Games Platform

Runner-Up in Survival Game Jam

Inspired by the air deprivation mechanic from the 1991 Game Boy game "Altered Space", "Must Have Air" is a literal survival game where you strive to be the last one standing before you run out of air. Created for submission to the Core Games Survival Game Jam which ran in late 2020, "Must Have Air!" received a runner up award in the "Changing the Game" category.

The brief for the "Changing the Game" category was as follows...

Changing the Game So many survival games are set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with progression based on increased material gain, but what if they weren’t? We want to see how you can theme the genre differently. How will you add your flair, with altered settings and mechanics, to make something original and impressive.

Game Play & Mechanics

The main mechanic of the game revolves around the idea of air deprivation. As soon as a player begins a solo time attack or multiplayer match their life begins to drain. Players must find and collect air cannisters to replenish their air. In time attack players race against the clock while multiplayer games are a last man standing format. The following video showcases the solo time attack mode that will be or has been released as one of the first major updates to the game.

Obstacle and Level Design

As players explore the level they will face various obstacles between air canister spawn points. To add additional tension and strategy there is an air deprivation station that when triggered INCREASES the air deprivation rate for all players, including the player who triggered it. Molasses Grasses is a fan favorite yet one of the more simple obstacles within the level. When a player enters the foggy grassy area they find their walk speed is slowed by almost half giving the player a nice risk and reward place.

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