Area Control Board Game

Designed for two to ten plus people to play one or more games in 10-30 minutes or less.

CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT on the Core Games Platform

Take control of a hex based board and move as a ninja, hunter, or mage dropping counters as you go! Score points by balancing the capture of the multiplier and spaces to take control of as much of the board as possible before 10 turns have passed.

As Co-Founder of an international team we would always be creating ways for our team to connect in a weekly happy hour. However, finding games that everyone liked to play and had the system to support was often challenging. I came up with an multiple week exercise for the entire team to create a board game with the design brief as follows.

- Minimum of two players with the ability to have between 10-20 at one time

- Must be able to play a full game or multiple games within 30-60 minutes

We used teams of 3-4 people to design the game and the following is what my team created with me as lead designer on the project. I continued to work on the project well after the team building exercise was complete. We have done playtesting using various board games around the house for the paper table top version! We were able to whittle the rule sheet to a single sheet. I have spent some time digitizing the project working in Dreams for Playstation and now moving my efforts to the Core Game Engine. Originally, we built out the pieces and board digitally in TableTopia on Steam but found it cumbersome and too slow to really enjoy although it did allow for the team to play from all around the globe.

Here is a peak at the table top version built from other games and elements from our board game collection. Currently looking forward to building out the Core Games version. Currently am planning it as a top down down view with more point and click elements.

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