Still Playing

It is hard to imagine a life without games. It has been a connection point for me with family, friends, and people for as long as I can remember. From 8 bit NES to tabletop and PC. Games connect... I owe a lot to games.


To design games you have to be playing them.  I am currently playing, loving, connecting over, or just simply love the following experiences...


Caught a recent sale in light of the hype that is starting to build for Far Cry 6 and have been meaning to play 5. I absolutely love 3 and 4 and so far have not been disappointed with the good 'ole fun that has come in the American cult angle that went with for this story line.

Call of duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone

From the solo WZ to my trio squad I keep coming back to Warzone as my top battle royale at the moment, even with all the issues in the game. Although probably not the best player the BR format provides a thrill and the dopamine hit is real when clutching a win. With over 30 wins and a year plus on the game I still get a rush every time I find myself in that last circle.


Love a good puzzle game and have heard this one is enjoyable and engaging with both the stories and puzzles. Looking further to getting further into it.

Apex Legends

My second choice for battle royale easily and an awesome connection point I have with my 10 year old. Watching and playing next to him is fascinating. His game sense is way above average and I have lost track of the amount of times he has carried me to a win. The movement on this game is absolutely fantastic.

Looking Forward To

There are always a few games that I am looking forward to playing. Some are out and I am waiting for that Steam or PSN sale and some are in the future.


Probably sounds a bit weird based on my current catalog above but my wife and I are massively looking forward to the new open world game set in the Harry Potter universe. My wife is a huge fan of books and knows more about Harry Potter than anyone I know. We look forward to sharing the experience together as we haven't had a game that has promise like this one since we played the multiplayer experience of Goblet of Fire on PS2.


With all the trailers and hype that we have seen and me diving into Far Cry 5 as mentioned above. I am definitely looking forward to playing 6 this fall on release. May even buy it day one.